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My Story

I grew up with a strong mom who showed me how to serve. We didn’t always see things eye to eye and this was probably when I started asserting myself.


In my school years, I led, I served, and I advocated.

In my professional life, I led, I served, and I advocated.


In this season I speak, I connect people, and I still advocate.


In 2019, with the onset of COVID, I did what came natural to me. I spoke, I connected people, and advocated for a variety of issues.


Utilizing Facebook Live and YouTube, I conducted interviews with everyday people, friends and family who shared their personal stories. My goal was to provide uplifting and encouraging content in a time of transition and uncertainty for all of us.  I connected this online community with what they needed, each other and with a “Time to Talk”! 


Dallas, TX


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